The Forever Tree
The Forever Tree
The Forever Tree

The Forever Tree

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A gentle Islamic story for kids about trees in Jannah.

In the midst of a cold, gloomy winter day, Zainab and her classmates long for the full bloom and radiant warmth of summer. They all miss the hot sun, the full trees, and the outdoor adventures that summer brings.

While they take turns describing their favourite trees and pastimes, Zainab listens attentively. She decides she has a completely different tree in mind – a tree unlike any other. A tree that can be found in only one place: Paradise.

Ages 4+, 24 pages, softcover.

Written by Asmaa Hussein

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
love Arabic!

I got 2 copies, each for my nieces. I wish the other books had both English & Arabic 👍

Amazing book

In love with this book. And I hope you add Arabic language to more books.


I’m always looking to buy books in Arabic and it is hard to find books that capture children interest.

I listened to this book being read and as an adult I was engaged and left inspired.

This boon will be great for educational settings as well as parents.

Absolutely amazing

It seems to be of a style that is not common anymore but I love the manner in which the concept of a 'forever tree' was explained.

It is a beautiful way to start a conversation around Jannah and the may joys of Jannah.

My toddler now says things like "I want Jannah" which means the world to me :)

Muslim Kids Book Nook
What a delight!

This is such a delightful story, a truly special way to teach one of many beautiful descriptions of jannah. This book has so many educational layers. Reads about different kinds of trees and their many unique benefits; shade, fruits, syrup, etc. Touches on different family dynamics and backgrounds. However, the main takeaway is jannah, its special trees and what we need to do in order to plant these trees from right now.
I used this book for story-time with young kids and the outcome was amazing. It opened up a fun and creative discussion on what they want to ask Allah when they get to jannah. It was absolutely wonderful to see how engaged they were to the story from beginning to end.
For those who are fluent in Arabic, this book is written in both English and Arabic. The last page sites a list of sources from the Qur'an and hadith the author used in this story.

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