Who Will Help with... All the Things?

Assigning kids household chores is a great way to give parents a little extra help at home and to teach children important life skills. But getting children to consistently do chores can be tricky. Many children warm up to the idea immediately, but others need a bit more work to get their head in the game.

My book, Who Will Help me Make Iftar? is a great way to start conversations with your child about helping with chores.

In the story, Mustafa Amca has decided to do his iftar dinner for his community, as he and his wife always do the first night of Ramadan. This year his wife is unwell and can’t do the cooking, so he must do it himself. He hopes that the neighbours and family might give him a hand with the difficult task of managing all the cooking.


He asks for help, but each person gives him an excuse and the burden of the entire meal falls on his shoulders. He works all day and he gets exhausted.

While reading this book to your child, discuss with them how Mustafa Amca must feel when each person decides not to help him. Ask them if it was fair that he had to do all that work himself. Ask them what they would do if Mustafa Amca asked them for help.

During your next chore time, water your child’s empathy. Encourage them to be the best helpers they can be, and allow them to feel accomplished and appreciated.

Allow them to reap the benefits of their hard work, too! When you cook a meal together, for example, your kids will love eating what they’ve cooked. It’s so satisfying to enjoy what one has made with his or her own hands.

Over time and with consistency, children will develop the habit of responsibility, which will not only help you as a parent, but also help them as they grow!

Who Will Help Me Make Iftar? is available at Ruqaya’s Bookshelf.

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