When Stories are Difficult

As parents, we want the best for our children, and part of that is raising them to be citizens of the world. But sometimes we’re torn between making them aware of injustices happening around the world and protecting them from these painful realities. Deep down, though, we all know that striking a balance between these two motivations is the best way forward.

At Ruqaya’s Bookshelf, we try to achieve this balance by producing quality books that address serious topics in a child-friendly way. These books can be great resources for parents to start discussions with their children on difficult topics.

Here are some examples from our bookshelf:

  • My Garden over Gaza – Noura lives in Gaza, where she lovingly tends to the plants in her family’s rooftop garden to help feed the family. But one day, a drone sprays the plants with herbicide and destroys them. Can she keep up hope after all that she’s lost?
  • Amir’s Blue Jacket – Amir keeps wearing Grandpa’s jacket to remember him by, even after it shrinks in the wash and doesn’t fit properly anymore. Should he give the jacket to someone who needs it more than him, or should he hold onto it to keep his grandfather’s memory alive?
  • Blackout! – Yusuf’s cousin Ahmed is a Syrian refugee, and he just arrived in Toronto with his mother. Yusuf is super excited and looks forward to teaching Ahmed all about life in Canada. But when an ice storm hits and cuts off power across the city for three whole days, Yusuf is the one with so much to learn.
  • Not too Little to Make a Difference – Sofia is looking forward to the new school year so she can enter the Junior Journalist competition. But after the family’s crops fail, they don’t have enough money to pay her school tuition. Can she help her family earn some money so she can pursue her writing dreams?

Check out our store page for these titles and more. May Allah guide us to what’s best for our children. 


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