The Power of Du'aa

We are a people whose way of life means submission to Allah, and worshipping Him alone is the core of our existence. And as our beloved messenger told us, the essence of worship is du’aa.

Maintaining our connection with Allah is so important, and du’aa is our number one tool in maintaining that connection. Unfortunately, we often don’t realize how important du’aa is—or how powerful. We often recite supplications out of habit, without concentration or presence of mind, our minds wandering to our to-do lists.

Sometimes it takes a calamity to jolt us out of our distraction. This is a time for all of us to renew our connection with Allah and call out to Him, in public and in private. Whisper to Him in your sujood and during your daily activities, in whatever language is closest to your heart.

Encourage your children to do the same. Foster in them the conviction that Allah is in control of everything, and that He is closer to us than our jugular veins. Narrate to them stories from the Qur’an of prophets who called out to Allah and were victorious against insurmountable odds.

Read them stories about Muslim characters who make du’aa. For example, the main characters in Ahmed and the Very Stuck Teapot, Rami the Ramadan Cat, and Trouble at Taraweeh all make du’aa for things that are important to them.

We must remember—both us and our children—that it is in our connection with Allah that our power lies.

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