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Stories are powerful. I’ve know that since I was a little girl, consuming many chapter books in one day, and pulling all-nighters to finish those page-turners. I remember stories that pulled me into another world. They invoked emotion, inspired new ideas and perspectives, and allowed me to see the world in the new light.

As Muslim writers we have an opportunity give that experience to the next generation. But we can go a step further and inspire ideas that elevate readers, enlighten them, and show them the truth.

Mainstream stories often contain content that is at odds with Muslim values. The stories may encourage acts that are disliked by God, and yet they still fill our children's bookshelves when we find we have no other entertaining, well-written options. 

On the bright side though, Muslim publishers are working hard to produce clean alternatives for our youth. They work hard to provide alternative stories about families who look like theirs, and upholding beliefs and values that are in line with our ultimate purpose on this earth: to worship God.

Support us and other Muslim publishers by purchasing our books, donating them to libraries and schools, leaving good reviews on our website and social media when you love them. And getting the word out to others. Every Muslim family deserves to know that Muslim Children’s Literature is accessible wherever they live. 

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