Ramadan will Always be Special: Even in Quarantine

Things are different this year. Quieter. Simpler. And that’s okay.

Growing up, my family did almost “nothing” for Ramadan (by today’s standards). We didn’t really have specialized Ramadan decor. We didn’t have welcome Ramadan baskets or elaborate Eid gifts or parties.

We had very simple traditions. Suhoor and Iftars as a family (with an especially high dose of sibling arguments). Tarweeh prayer at home or the Masjid. Then at Eid, my mom would make a chocolate cake and my dad slipped a small amount of money into our hands. If I was lucky, my mom would sew me a new dress.

It was minimalistic, but perfect and memorable exactly as it was.

Prophet Muhammad (saw) told us that the gates of heaven are opened in Ramadan! Ramadan and Eid are inherently blessed times of the year, and don’t absolutely need to be hyped up in order to be special. Sure, it’s nice to go all out, but not if we’re doing these things because we’re feeling pressured to, or because we think the material things are what make Ramadan special.

Spending time with your kids, cooking and eating together, reading and giving charity as a family—all of that is more meaningful than any of the material things you might feel you’re missing out on.

More than anything else, your children are going to remember the warmth and love of this time of year. That’s where my own memories live!

This is not a time to feel badly that you’re not doing “as much” as usual. It’s a time of reflection and personal, spiritual growth. Maybe not doing "as much" is going to benefit us this month. Maybe it will give us the space to reconnect with one another, and to take advantage of Allah's mercy and forgiveness even more.

We can beautify our homes and enrich our kids’ experiences in Ramadan, but never at the expense of our own wellbeing or worship.

This year, do what is right for your family, whatever that may be.

Ramadan Mubarak ❤️


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    abu Bakar
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    abu Bakar
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