Ramadan Reads: There Was an Old Auntie who Swallowed a Samosa

The absolute funniest of our five Ramadan titles is Asmaa Hussein’s There Was an Old Auntie Who Swallowed a Samosa!

Auntie Sophia is making her special samosas for the mosque iftar. But what this samosa pro doesn't know is that her cat has some sneaky plans to alter her recipe! What will happen when she accidentally swallows a far too spicy pastry WHOLE? 

This story is modelled after There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly, a silly story about a lady who accidentally swallows a fly and then intentionally swallows a spider to catch the fly (followed by a series of larger and larger creatures!).

In this story, Auntie Sophia eats an extremely spicy samosa and then has to swallow huge quantities of food to put out the fire in her belly. What will become of her? And what will become of the masjid iftar?

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