Ramadan Reads: Rami the Ramadan Cat

One of our cutest Ramadan titles is Robyn Thomas’ Rami the Ramadan Cat. It’s a story about kindness to animals, Ramadan spirit, and new friends!

Saleem has just moved to a new city, and he misses his friends. On the first night of Ramadan, he finds a scruffy kitten clinging to his backyard fence.

He’s thrilled to have found a friend, and he names him Rami because they found each other in Ramadan.

But Rami is wearing a collar, so he must have an owner who’s looking for him! Saleem and his family hang “lost cat” posters around the neighbourhood, but Saleem secretly hopes they never find the cat’s owner. Ramadan wouldn’t be so purr-fect without him!

This book was inspired by a true story: a lost kitten came to stay with the author’s family on the first day of Ramadan several years ago.

Get your copy of this heartwarming story today!



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