Ramadan Reads: Made from the Same Dough

One of our newest Ramadan titles is Made from the Same Dough by Laura El Alam. What’s unique about this Ramadan story is that it centres the experience of converts and their families.

Rayan’s grandfather isn’t Muslim, but he’ll be spending Ramadan with his grandson’s family. He’s even been invited to a potluck iftar!

But Rayan worries that Papa won’t fit in and might even embarrass him. When Papa suggests using his favourite Christmas recipe to bake cookies for the iftar, Rayan panics.

How will he handle having his Christian grandfather at his Ramadan gathering? Can he and Papa find common ground and respect each other’s traditions?

Made from the Same Dough is a story about many things. It’s about the spirit of Ramadan, a time for generosity, community, and family. It’s about the layers of complexity within family dynamics. And it’s about the love and respect that Islam teaches.

Get your copy of this wonderful story today!

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