Ramadan for Kids

Our kids love Ramadan! The decorating, the special foods, and the extra time with family and friends build happy childhood memories and nourish their Muslim identity.

But what about the deeper aspects of Ramadan? How can we encourage our children to grow their connection with Allah in these blessed days?

In addition to fasting, here are some key acts of worship that embody the spirit of this month and that our kids can take on in an age-appropriate manner:

  • Qur’an—Encourage the kiddos to choose a daily amount to read, along with the translation, so they can understand what they're reading in addition to accumulating good deeds.
  • Prayer—Encourage your kids to pray a few rak'ahs after ‘ishaa, whether it’s at the mosque or at home. Depending on their age and ability, they can read from the mushaf or from the suras they’ve memorized.
  • Du’aa—Ask your kids to make a list of du’aas they will make during the last 10 nights and every day before they break their fast. This will reinforce their belief that all good comes from Allah!
  • Charity—Involve your children in efforts to help fellow Muslim brothers and sisters locally or around the world, whether it’s through putting together food packets or contributing an amount of their allowance.

Let’s empower our children to increase their acts of worship in this blessed month. These deeds will go a long way towards building them up as strong Muslims inshaAllah.

Ramadan Mubarak!

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