Ramadan Activity: Good Deed Jar

Every year we are so happy to see Ramadan come in, and then sad to see Ramadan go! This month passes so quickly, and we always wish we had done more.

Lots of kids are starting to fast this year, and here's a fun craft idea to keep them motivated!

It’s a good deed jar! (This is a craft to remind you to do lots and lots of good deeds!)

  1. First you’ll need a plastic jar, like an old peanut butter or jam jar. Wash the jar and it’s cover completely with warm soapy water. Let them dry.
  1. Get a marker and write out “Good Deeds” on the outside of the jar. Cover your jar.
  1. Get some colourful paper and cut the paper into squares about 10x10 cm, these don’t have to be accurate.
  1. Get a pen and tie it with a string around the rim of the jar. (That way it won’t get lost.) Put the jar, pen, and paper squares in a basket or a tray in a place you see everyday.

Now you’re ready.

Try your best to do lots of good deeds. Fast. Help with iftar. Babysit little brothers or sisters. Help your parents with cleaning. Smile! Read or even memorize Quran! Give charity. Serve water at Iftar time. Share. Forgive. Be kind. Pray on time. Pray sunnah. Pray taraweeh.

There are all kinds of good deeds!

Every time you do a good deed, write it down on a colourful paper square. Then fold it up and save it in your Good deeds jar. You will see your jar quickly fill up with good deeds!

Do you want to read books about good deeds too? Check out our collection at Ruqaya’s Bookshelf. They are great gifts for Ramadan and Eid. Get your’s before your favourite titles are sold out.

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