Parenthood is Committing to Lifelong Learning

Before you have kids you think you know everything. You think that your life is full and well-rounded. You seem to know where you stand on every issue. After all, you probably spent long, drawn-out years of your life learning at the hands of qualified teachers and reading articles and textbooks about almost every subject.

You think you know a lot, but then something changes.

As you hold your child in your hands for the first time and look down at her purity, her openness and willingness to learn everything, her utter acceptance of you, flaws and all, you realize that in her lack of knowledge about the world, perhaps she already knows more than you. She has no pre-conceived notions about anyone or anything. She hasn’t limited herself to an occupation or a single field of study. She hasn’t experienced the hurt and pain that can trigger pessimism or hopelessness. Everything is still new to her – everything is full of life, light, and opportunity.

You begin to reexamine all you think you know.

This little human being needs to be exposed to everything good, and shielded from everything bad (at least for some time). So, you wonder, what is truly good and what is truly evil that I may give and withhold from my child accordingly?

The only way to know is to keep learning.

The path of learning becomes steeper when you have a child because now you are not only responsible for your own soul. There is now another soul, wholly reliant on you for its sustenance, both physical and spiritual. It relies on you to teach it how to differentiate right from wrong.

The learner you once were does not stop to become the teacher. Rather, the learner in you becomes an avid, desperate seeker of truth.


Recite in the name of your Lord who created –

Created man from a clinging substance.

Recite, and your Lord is the most Generous –

Who taught by the pen –

Taught man that which he knew not.


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