Inheriting the Love of Writing

Our author Sarah Musa has loved writing since she was a child. She would visit the library weekly to restock and read 300 page books cover-to-cover overnight. But it wasn’t just books that inspired Sarah’s love for the written word. Her grandmother Tomasita was another book-lover and their relationship inspired writing.

It all started with them being penpals.

Tomasita was a storyteller. She would save little stories and write them up on the backs of postcards or on fancy stationary for Sarah and her siblings. Then Sarah would try to write back something just as fun to read.

Sarah remembers finding one of these letters in her mailbox on a snowy winter day. Before even getting inside, she ripped it open at the mailbox and walked home slowly savouring it as snow flakes drifted down around her. Tomasita had a way with words.

Tomasita once told Sarah about a fly she had captured under a glass. She waited for it to fly up the glass so she couldslide a paper underneath the cup and release the fly outside. But that fly sat there for so long... she finally lifted the glass to investigate only to find it was a raisin! Her stories were fun even when they were ordinary.

Her love of books showed in her home, with bookcases full of fantasies, comics, and picture books. She even had a camper filled with books. Sarah would spend hours reading in the corners of Tomasita's house.

Amir’s Blue Jacket was inspired by their relationship. Sarah’s grief over losing her grandmother, who died suddenly during surgery when Sarah was a teenager, was part of that inspiration. But the story was also inspired by what was shared between them: the knowledge we inherit from our ancestors. It's a beautiful gift Allah has given us.

These reflections remind us of our loved ones even after they have passed. Alhamdullilah.

What's your inspiration?

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