How NOT to Eat Iftar!

In the final nights of Ramadan, let's keep few things in mind when it comes time for iftar. We want to keep our energy high and our bodies and bellies comfortable so we can do our best in when it comes time for taraweeh. 

I don’t want to name names, but a certain auntie has done a good job of illustrating how NOT to have iftar.

Here are some tips we can practice to avoid her unfortunate experience:

  • Start slow. A date and milk. That is the tradition of the Prophet Muhammad (SAWS).
  • Pray maghrib before digging in to the heavier foods to give your stomach a chance to start digesting.
  • Don’t swallow anything whole (especially not samosas). Teeth are the first step in digestion. Let the teeth do their job. Your stomachs will thank you.
  • Be aware of your spice tolerances. Many people have the ability to eat large quantities of spicy food. But not everyone. Ask how spicy dishes are before you eat. Don’t assume anything, even if it looks mouthwatering.
  • If you have consumed something too spicy, drink a cup of something hot. Tea is very helpful. Its heat will turn off the hot burning in your mouth and in your tummy. If there is no tea, drink some milk or water. Sip slowly, so you don’t overfill your stomach.
  • Eat slowly and keep it light, because eating too much will make you heavy, sleepy, and so exhausted that you won’t even be able to pray taraweeh. Plus there might be some deserts after taraweeh, so save space!

And don’t forget to read There was an old Auntie who Swallowed a Samosa, for a full and complete guide of what not to do during iftar.

Ramadan Mubarak!

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