Hang on to Hope

Sometimes it’s hard to stay hopeful.

Even when we ourselves are physically safe, witnessing calamities in our ummah can be so painful it’s immobilizing. Seeing evil done to our brothers and sisters—and being unable to stop it—is a very difficult test.

How do we pass this test? Do we succumb to depression and despair? Do we numb the pain by immersing ourselves in distractions? Or do we struggle through the pain and move forward on the paths of good that Allah has made available to us?

Here are some ways we can do this:
  • Invest in yourself by increasing your acts of worship, such as extra prayers, du’aa, reading and reflecting on the Qur’an, and learning more about Islam. A little bit every day will add up to big change.
  • Recognize the many blessings you’ve been given that others have been deprived of, and praise Allah for them.
  • Discover and build your skills in whatever field you love, and look for ways to serve Allah through them.
  • Be intentional in your interactions with your family, particularly your children. Recognize the importance of mundane tasks that you do for your family, and don’t belittle your efforts. You’re building them into strong individuals, insha’Allah!
  • Allocate a set portion of your income, however small, to causes that benefit the ummah. If you set aside this portion every time you make some money, you won’t have to battle with the whispers telling you not to give. When an opportunity presents itself, you’ll already have a sum of money to take from.
Each one of us has unique circumstances, abilities, and opportunities. It’s up to us to look at the blessings we’ve been given and explore how we can use them for His sake.

Despite the challenges, we must hang on to hope and continue to move forward—individually and collectively. Let’s live each day in a way that pleases Allah and makes our ummah stronger.

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