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Exciting news!

Three new books have been added to our collection at Ruqaya’s Bookshelf, and they are now available to pre-order!

Here the newest additions to the Ruqaya’s Bookshelf family:

  • The Enormous Apple—This story is set in an old Muslim kingdom, where a reward has been offered to the person who can remove an unusually large apple blocking the road. Ibraheem longs for adventure and finds his life on the family farm boring. Intrigued by this news, he travels to the city with his grandfather to try his hand at moving the apple. Will he be able to do it?
  • Idrees and the New Old Shoes—Idrees loves to run and dreams of being the fastest runner at school. But his old shoes are so tight they’re affecting his speed. When Mama gets him another pair, he’s thrilled—until he finds out they’re a used pair from their elderly neighbour. Will Idrees refuse to wear them, or will he discover the power of adding a new story to an old pair of shoes?
  • Mama Musoo’s Dhikr Plants—Maya loves spending time with her grandmother, who always has something fun and exciting planned for their visits. But one day, Mama Musoo’s idea of fun is not quite what Maya expected. Through some plants that her grandmother has “rescued,” Maya learns that all of Allah’s creations praise Him, and she begins to understand some of Allah’s attributes.

Check out these books and add them to your collection today! Pre-orders will be shipped out by February 15 inshaAllah.

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