A Story of Faith and Family

One of the newest additions to our collection, Made from the Same Dough by Laura El Alam, is a unique tale with lots of heart. It tells the story of Rayan and his Christian grandfather who is visiting the family during Ramadan. Rayan worries that Papa won’t fit in at a friend’s iftar and might even do something embarrassing.

When children worry about fitting in, they often come up with inappropriate solutions to these worries, and that’s exactly what happens in this story.

What is most striking about Made from the Same Dough is that it portrays the family dynamics experienced by an underrepresented group of Muslims: those who have converted to Islam.

Here are some highlights from an author interview with Laura El Alam about her story:

  • “When a family is made up of people who practice different faiths, there are bound to be some differences of opinion and probably some challenges, too. I hope this story shows how challenges can be overcome with love and mutual respect.” 
  • “Muslims can have close ties of love with our non-Muslim family members. We don’t have to be at odds with them just because we practice different religions. Islam teaches us to be welcoming, kind, hospitable, and generous. We are encouraged to nurture ties of kinship and to be especially respectful of our parents and grandparents, even if they are not Muslim.”
  • “I know there are many children like mine who have non-Muslim relatives, and most have never seen a family like theirs represented in literature. It’s likely that some of those kids, like Rayan, have experienced conflicted feelings about their relatives, and I hope this book will help them process their emotions.”                               

This book is sure to foster lots of great discussions with our children about faith and family. Add this title to your collection today!

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