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Snatched Activity - Hadith Frame

"Snatched" is all about a boy who makes a mistake and tries to figure out how to fix it. In a beautiful hadith, the prophet (saw) explains that every bad deed should be followed by a good one to erase it!

When our kids know mistakes are not the end of the world, they have space to grow and explore. When they err, as we all do, we teach them how they fix their mistakes then move forward without unhealthily suppressing guilt.

This activity is a great reminder of that concept, and you can hand it around your house!

Here's what you need to do:

  1. Download and print this designed hadith card.
  2. Glue four popsicles sticks to each side of the hadith card to make a frame.
  3. Decorate your frame with stickers, glitter glue, or markers.
  4. Bend a single pipe cleaner into a U shape, then tape to the back of the card/frame so it makes a little hanger!
  5. Hang up in your home for a beautiful reminder.

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  • Alhamdulillah!!!!!!!Jazakaallah Kair


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