Make your own Gratitude Glasses

Mr. Gamal's Gratitude Glasses is all about how to switch your perspective and see things through a lens of gratitude.

To help your kids internalize this beautiful message, here's a great hands-on activity to create their very own "gratitude glasses."

  1. Download and print these frames.
  2. Colour and design your frames!
  3. Cut the frames out (and cut out the eyeholes as well).
  4. Fold the side tabs along the dotted line on the frames, then glue or tape the arms onto the front frame.
  5. Glue coloured cellophane "lenses" into the eyehole cutouts. Cut away any extra material.
  6. Now you have gratitude glasses! Whenever you look through them, try to find a different perspective on what you see – a perspective that will make you grateful!


Want to make your own "Attitude of Gratitude" book? Download it here.


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